Murdered Out BMW i8 Looks Devilishly Handsome

The styling of the BMW i8 evokes different emotions depending on the person. The tri-tone mish mash of silvers, blacks, and blues supplement the futuristic feel and theme of the entire car, but it can be off-putting to some. So when a company like Vorsteiner, an American tuning company that specializes in Porsches and BMWs, decided to boldly paint the i8 in a single color, the idea seemed completely brand new and the results are devilishly handsome.vorsteiner-i8-black-6Looking at this murdered out BMW i8, you get the sense that Henry Ford was onto something when he said “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” He was speaking about the model T of course, which only came in one color presumably due to production limitations. The basic black color scheme for the i8 doesn’t subdue but rather accentuates the intricate front fascia and rear buttresses. Vorsteiner has implemented a modified set of fenders that not only improve looks but also airflow and better downforce. A front splitter and rear diffuser has been added to accentuate the aggressive looks of this badass looking hybrid.vorsteiner-i8-black-3vorsteiner-i8-black-4We’ve driven the BMW i8 before and it’s one of those cars that you’d have to experience to understand why the BMW designers have chosen such a drastically stylized exterior. This is a truly futuristic feeling car with an impressive performance setup and an aesthetically pleasing and very modern interior. With these Vorsteiner visual upgrades the tuner has not altered the designer’s theme, rather they’ve applied a very simple and old idea, and it totally works.
vorsteiner-i8-black-5 vorsteiner-i8-black-1

(Photo Credit: Raynaldo Rowe)


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