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Andy Wilman Gives Us The Most Info Yet On The Grand Tour

The interview with Andy Wilman on the Edinburgh International Television Festival has finally made it on Youtube! This is where he has shared all the details about all the politics behind Jeremy Clarkson’s firing, all the complexities and challenges in producing content for Amazon, and all of the potential legal hurdles as to not encroach upon BBC and Top Gear’s intellectual property.

Wilman also shared some interesting tidbits like the origins of the word “The Stig.” He attended Repton School in Derbyshire, England with Jeremy Clarkson, where “The Stigg” was a slang term used for ‘new boys’. In the interview he also shared the excitement between him and the old Top Gear trio about The Grand Tour as this entire experience feels like a reboot of Top Gear back in 2002, where it’s back to the great unknown.

We suggest you watch the entire 34 minutes of this clip to hear all the excruciating detail about The Grand Tour. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear about the air date just yet. It seems like you’d have to be Amazon’s Jeff Bezos himself to know that piece of information.

To catch more stories about The Grand Tour you can click on our link here. The Grand Tour will be available on Amazon Prime’s streaming service starting in Fall 2016. To get more details about the show and how you can watch it, click here.

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