Its Not If, But When Will This V8 914 Try To Kill You

When Porsche released its entry level 914 roadster it was meant to broaden the brand’s appeal without rivaling the performance of its more expensive siblings.  This joint project between Porsche, who wanted to replace the old 912, and VW who wanted a Karmann Ghia successor, resulted in the 914. It relied heavily on the VW parts bin in true Porsche fashion, and was powered by a flat four that produced a little over 100 horse power. It was never a true performance car until Porsche dropped a flat 6 into the car, but today Bring A Trailer will sell you a 914 that is actually terrifying.

This example of the under powered 914 now has a thumping American V8 in place of the wheezy flat 4 engine. Purity be damned this car is flat out amazing. The owner completely ditched the Porsche drive train and used the power of the Chevy small block V8 to turn this lower horse power momentum roadster into a legitimate death machine. Porsche owners are used to driving dangerous cars with engines in the wrong place, but this machine is on a totally different level.

With a high powered V8 in a car that barely weighs over 2,000lbs expect extremely impressive acceleration times if you can control the power. The V8 is coupled with 901 5-speed manual transmission and features all the necessary cooling hardware needed to make this a reliable build. The previous owner used this car for track days so it needed to handle the extreme conditions associated with lapping a mid engined V8 Porsche.

Those looking for a pristine 914 need not apply. This car was built with performance in mind and little else. Some will call this a sacrilegious curiosity that we should all ignore, but how could you forget about a V8 powered 914.

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