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The 964 Turbo Makes You A Better Driver

The 964 911 is one of the most talked about cars among enthusiasts, from restorations like Singer 911’s to the early Carrera models, the air cooled 964s are the perfect blend of new and old. These honest cars have captured the imaginations of enthusiasts around the world, and continue to be daily driven and tracked even after decades of wear.The pinnacle of these sought after sport cars is the 964 Turbo which, quickly became known as the widow maker thanks to a tendency for snap oversteer and twitchy handling in the wet. Older turbo 911s need a very skilled driver that has taken the time to learn the car, and develop their driving skills before full taking advantage of the car’s power.


These cars teach you how to become a better driver instead of helping you like the modern sports cars we’ve grown accustom to. The old way is quickly fading  but this weeks film by Petrolicious proves that driving an honest car like the 964 Turbo can make you a better driver.

In the film, Hans-Michael Gerischer the owner of this 964 Turbo, talks about his 20 year love affair with his 964 turbo, and the evolution of himself as a driver. In the beginning Hans was not skilled enough to take full advantage of his car, but as time went on his skill eventually surpassed the power of the car in stock form which, then lead to 20 years worth of tinkering. Hans uses his 964 Turbo as a gentleman’s racer driving it to  Germany’s finest race tracks , like Spa and the Nurburgring, and then driving it home. With the steep appreciation of 964 911s Hans could sell his car and buy any brand new 911 but none of these new cars can capture the relationship between man and machine like his 20-year-old project car.


Source (Petrolicious)


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