This BMW Z4 Has A Viper V10 Lurking Beneath The Hood. And You Can Own It Right Now.

This is the definition of hot rodding. Taking a small car and shoehorning an absolutely massive engine into it. Meet the Viper V10 powered BMW Z4.

This car made it’s rounds on the interwebz back in 2012 when a website called “EngineSwapDepot” wrote about it (original link here). The car is absolutely bonkers and features a full roll cage, stripped interior, new gear box, and of course the 8.3 liter V10 producing 542 hp. But some stealthy spotters at the same website noticed that it’s on sale on eBay currently.

Unfortunately the car is in Europe. Germany to be specific. Though it is left hand drive so you could essentially buy it for the currently listed price of 49,500 Euros, import it, and drive it here if you’d like. This isn’t how Dodge or BMW imagined these two glorious things mating up, but I’m a huge fan of this.

Personally this is my favorite generation of Z roadster that BMW has ever made. The M Coupe is one of my attainable dream cars, but seeing this I think I may have to update the list a bit.

(Source: eBay)

h/t to Jalopnik


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