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We Have A Start Date! The Grand Tour Will Begin November 18th. VIDEO Available!

This is unconfirmed by Amazon, but it looks as though they’ve put the start date for The Grand Tour in plain sight, though you might need and eagle eye to spot it. UPDATE: CONFIRMED BY AMAZON!!!

According to The Grand Tour’s Amazon page, where you can stream the show once it’s up and running, there is still no word on the show near the top of the page. This will be evidenced by clicking on the link here or just checking out the below screen shot.


Says right there, “coming autumn 2016.” But scroll down the page a little further and what do we see?


BOOM! November 18th. Again, this is unconfirmed by Amazon, but that’s a good a sign as any we’ve seen. Only 2 more months until the boys are back!

Click here to subscribe to Amazon Prime and be great to get your fix of Clarkson, Hammond, and May sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Video has been released on Youtube and it is pretty!

(Source: Amazon)

h/t to Jalopnik


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