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It’s Not Top Gear And It’s Not The Grand Tour. And It Might Be Worth Your Time

Think of an automotive show, quick!

If you thought of Stacey David’s Trucks! on Spike TV many years ago, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re old, and you grew up on lame automotive product infomercials disguised as a show!

If you thought of Top Gear or the upcoming The Grand Tour, then you’re most likely going to be unimpressed with anything else that talks about cars and presented in video form. That’s a real shame because there’s other good stuff out there that’s worth your entertainment viewing time budget, and becoming a fan of those shows will keep you entertained when you’re in The Grand Tour and new Top Gear drought that we’re going through right now. Wait… who are we kidding, no one likes the new Top Gear.

The latest show that you should look at is called DRIVE on NBCSN. You may have heard about them already as they’re about to begin their third season. Here’s their latest trailer:

The show features notable cast members each with a very rich automotive history. Starting with The Smoking Tire podcaster and creator of many Youtube films, Matt Farah. Gumball 3000 driver, setter of obscure driving records, and fabulous scarf and aviator wearer, Alex Roy. Big Youtuber and now big Top Gearer, Chris Harris. And finally, Mike Spinelli, founder of Jalopnik and /Drive, and all around great guy that we’ve met up with and chatted a bunch about cars on several occasions.

We can’t wait to see what these guys have in store when DRIVE comes on NBCSN on October 14th. Give those guys a watch. What else do you have to watch anyway?

(Source: /DRIVE)


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