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Lots Of New Information About The Grand Tour

The filming at Whitby have ended and based on the small detail that we’ve seen, it’s going to be one great episode in a series of a really awesome show, The Grand Tour.

Now we’ve come across new and unverified information from an AMA in 4chan, so believe this as much as you want. The author of the post claimed to have gone to the Whitby show as evidenced by his wristband and an image of his ticket invite. What he shared about the show reveals a lot about what we can expect to see when The Grand Tour comes out on Friday, November 18th:

  • The show is basically the same as Top Gear:

“intro bit.. is just the same… “this week on The Grand Tour” (stupid bits of film) and then they chat, film bit… more chat… film bit…”

  • The “News” section of Top Gear, which we originally thought to be off limits due to the similarity to the Top Gear show, is still there albeit in a slightly different format:

“The news is replaced by a bit called ‘In Conversation’ – because it’s not news, because it’s filmed AGES ago.”

  • The Top Gear test track seems to have been replaced by another track! We originally thought, based on a lengthy interview with Andy Wilman that there won’t be any test track. However, the post claims otherwise:

“(The track) is almost identical, track times are on a screen, they custom build a new track that goes past an old ladies house, and has a forest with deer coming out. They even had to change where a corner was because of an unexploded bomb…”

  • They film two episodes from each location. They’ve shot the first live in-tent session in Johannesburg, South Africa, followed by the ones shot in Southern California. After the filming in Whitby, The Grand Tour will be filming in Holland and Germany.

“The one I went to see was the second one fillmed in Whitby (2 episodes are shot per location) – 1 hour each I believe…”

  • The Grand Tour show will have guests and one of the Whitby episodes will feature Simon Pegg and Jimmy Carr
  • The Grand Tour trio does an “Eco-challenge” involving a Land Rover for the Whitby episode. The show will feature 3 separate films over the duration of the program.

“The day I went they tried to make a more ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Eco friendly’… The Land Rover’s they build bodies out of – Clarkson made one out of bones and cow skin, May made his out of Mud, and Hammond made his Land Rover body out of a Hedge – there was a hedgehog in it.. it was cute.”

  • Jeremy Clarkson swears A LOT

“Real Jeremy is like TV Jeremy turned up to 11.”

  • They will have a ‘Stig’ like character, and he’s called ‘The American’. This character is apparently an ex NASCAR driver that happens to also be a bit obese.

There’s lots of new information as shared by this post. We’re not sure how much credibility there is behind these statements, but the claims don’t seem to be outside of the realm of possibility for a show like The Grand Tour. As previously mentioned, some of the segments don’t agree with the interview of Andy Wilman that was aired months ago, so these claims are either false or Andy Wilman was being a bit dramatic with some of the things that The Grand Tour can or cannot due in fear of being sued by the BBC.

Regardless of whether these claims are true or false, The Grand Tour will soon air on Amazon Prime on November 18th, and it will be a great show because Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are in it. If you haven’t signed up yet, you need to do so now!

The OP’s wristband
The OP’s ticket email confirmation

(Source: 4chan)




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