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DriveTribe’s Website Trailer Looks Just As Good As The Grand Tour. Launches November 28th.

DriveTribe, for those of you that have been living under a rock, is the new auto enthusiast focused online community from Clarkson, Hammond, and May that’s set to becoming one of the biggest auto websites…IN THE WORLD [said in Clarkson voice]. Sorry couldn’t help myself there.

What DriveTribe aims to do is focus on the community aspect of the online car world and turn it into a community. Our contributor Chris Okula has been tasked with leading a Tribe, but we’ll get to that once it’s all set up another time. In the meantime, the boys have been busy behind the scenes setting up their much anticipated website. And it’s got a freaking trailer.

I mean really, what website has a trailer? We don’t have a Shifting Lanes trailer and we have nearly half a million global fans. Wait, we TOTALLY need a trailer! Be right back…

But seriously, this looks to be a website that could smash records and take a significant amount of traffic away from other community sites like forums. Theoretically, there can be a tribe for every type of forum and car. Hell there can even be tribes for car parts. It has the potential for being the largest automotive website in the entirety of the internet, but we won’t find that out until it launches.

Oh by the way, one more thing. It launches next week. November 28th, we’ll all know what this is all about.

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