Ford Could Sue Makers Of Incredible GTT After SEMA Unveiling

SEMA, as it does every year, gave us some ridiculous concepts and some awesome design elements. One concept brought together the ridiculous and the design into one package. Zero to 60 Design brought their GTT Mustang to SEMA and blew away some people with the combining of a new Mustang with Ford GT visuals. It was striking.

So much so, in fact, that the Ford overlords have taken notice to the tune of potentially muling over suing the small Design shop. You’d think it’d be because of their drastic changing of a Mustang, but it’s actually due to the GT elements being involved.

gtt-front-3-4-naturalFrom Carscoops:

The Californian fabricators from ‘Zero to 60 Design’ have made no secret of the fact that their Mustang GTT on display at SEMA has taken design inspiration from the GT supercar. Well, as it turns out, Ford itself isn’t too happy with the car and is considering legal action against the tuner.

“We’re aware of the Zero to 60 Designs Mustang “GTT”,” a Ford spokesman told Carscoops. “Mustang and GT feature important design elements that uniquely and individually identify both as Ford Performance vehicles. Ford’s legal counsel is investigating how best to address the matter.”

Asked to clarify whether any actions have already been taken against the Californian tuner, the spokesperson said, “All I know is that Ford’s legal team are aware and investigating”.

Apparently, the Blue Oval did not appreciate the fact that, from a number of angles, the Mustang GTT’s customized exterior mimics the GT remarkably well.

If Ford does end up suing it could do one of a few things, but most importantly it would stifle the body kit from every seeing the light of day, even though Zero to 60 has received some interest in the style.

I hope Ford lays off because the GTT is striking and I absolutely love it.





(Source: Carscoops)


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