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Grand Tour’s New Trailer Proves The Second Episode Will Be Better Than The First

The first episode of the highly anticipated Grand Tour show has been out for almost a week and it has been shown to break Amazon’s premier streaming record. Despite the glowing reviews from almost everyone, there have been some slight jabs from the likes of the BBC and Formula 1 driver Jenson Button. If they weren’t fans of the first episode then they’ll certainly rethink their impressions after seeing the new trailer from the Trio of the second episode.

The second episode airing on November 25th will feature the Johannesburg, South Africa live tent session, the very first one that they recorded. The film in this episode will be of the Boys going through a military training simulation, where Jeremy Clarkson reportedly performed the most dangerous stunt he’s ever done. You can also expect to see the Aston Martin Vulcan being slogged around a track, where Clarkson hilariously stalled as seen at the end of the first major trailer. You also get to see Captain Slow being hooned around in what seems to be an underground drifting event. With all of the above you can expect a hilariously jam packed 60 minutes and we are all looking forward to it!


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