If You Own One Of These 136,000 BMWs, Your Car Might Spontaneously Combust

It seems that every week there’s another recall from a major auto manufacturer. No one is impervious to it. Not even the big 3 in Germany.

This time it’s BMW sending out notifications to owners, but it’s a bit more serious in nature than your run of the mill “plastic protector shield needs replacing.” 136,000 BMW cars are being recalled for a leak. But not just any leak. This is a fuel leak where your precious Beemer might turn into HAWT FIYAH in the middle of a crowded intersection.

Best to get this sorted out immediately, BMW owners.


The latest recall statement issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says BMW will be issuing a recall on a total of 154,472 units. Of these, 136,188 are on US soil with the remainder across the border in Canada. When recalls are issued and the releases contain the words “fuel” and “leak” and “hot” then it’s best to get things sorted out ASAP because when those things combine the results can be rather undesirable.

The recall pertains to wiring for the fuel pump that have been improperly crimped. These can become a loose connection and that improper contact can cause the connector to melt, and in turn a fuel leak. If the offending wires melt off and the fuel pump loses power, that can result in the car stalling, and depending on where you are on the road when that happens, things can go very wrong, very fast.

The recall is for quite a few models produced between 2007 and 2012, these include a bunch of X5s, X6s, and 5 and 6 Series models.

If you have any of these models we URGE you to get to the nearest dealer as soon as humanly possibly. Fuel leaks are no joke and you don’t want to end up on the evening news as the reason for a cookout on some highway.

(Source: Carbuzz)


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