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Jump For Joy! If You Live In The US, You Can Watch The Grand Tour Premiere Tonight, Not Tomorrow.

The Great Tour Premieres today! Wait what?

Yes you read that correctly. While today is only November 17th, some of us (yours truly included), will be lucky enough to see The Grand Tour tonight instead of having to wait until tomorrow. Thanks to the super sleuths over at Jalopnik, namely Mike Ballaban, who can actually tell time from around the world, everyone can just use simple subtraction to plot out when the first episode will go live locally.

12:01 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the standard time for all United Kingdom based viewers and that’s the time that TGT has been using for their “go live” date/time. But, glory be, that’s 5 hours (!!!) ahead of the east coast of the United States, which is where we’re located. This of course means that EST will be able to view it at 7:01pm tonight.

And doing the math correctly, the west coast will get to see it even at 4:01pm locally. For the naysayers  saying they’ll just delay the time, to prove that this wasn’t a glitch, since this is the internet and not TV so there’s no delay in programming, TGT’s twitter confirmed it.

So we’ll be watching tonight and couldn’t be more excited about it. Who else will be watching with us in the US!?

(Source: Jalopnik)


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