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Clarkson’s Giant Head Appears In Stone Form. Sends Twitter To A Frenzy

Here’s a strange one for you: Twitter has gone crazy over a giant stone bust of Jeremy Clarkson being shipped on a truck bed. We haven’t been able to verify whether this is actually Clarkson in statue form but it sure does look a whole hell of a lot like him. Just take a look at all of the commuters that took the shot just in time:

All of these shots seem to be a very creepy resemblance to Clarkson, and The Grand Tour has kept quiet about all of this until they chimed in with the following tweet:

Well there you have it folks! It looks like Amazon is going to further celebrate The Grand Tour in the grandest of ways by making a giant statue of the Boys. We’re not sure what the other boxes are filled with and we’re curious to hear your guesses. Could it be the rest of Clarkson’s body? Could it be Hammond’s or May’s? Who knows…


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