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Dear Complete Morons, Stop Brake Checking Semi-Trucks.

People, please, just stop brake checking all together. You’re not more important than anyone else on the road. Yet this is the mentality of many motorists. Someone does something stupid or won’t let you in and the first emotional response if that they’re “out to get you” and should pay for their consequences.

Of course we’re not all like this, but a vast majority of drivers on the road experience road rage in this form almost daily. I know I do. The greatest, and possibly dumbest, form of retaliation is the infamous brake check. Everyone’s done it at least once, but a new video released has many truck drivers worried. Especially those that instruct the drivers of the trucks themselves. As this one instructor says, it could be a matter of life or death.

A video recorded on a Wisconsin highway shows a driver engaging in dangerous behavior. It’s called “brake checking,” and can trigger deadly crashes.

The video was posted to Facebook and garnered plenty of comments. A driving instructor at Fox Valley Technical College had this reaction: “Oh my gosh. That’s life and death right there,” John Mueller said. Mueller said many people don’t think about how dangerous pulling out in front of a truck can be.

“You’ve really got to think about what it takes to stop a vehicle of that size. How many feet per second you’re really traveling at 60 miles-per-hour, which is about 90 feet every second,” Mueller said.

This is a hugely valid point and is evidenced by the video. So how about everyone does everyone else a favor. STOP BRAKE CHECKING SEMI-TRUCKS, you morons.

(Source: Fox 6)


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