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Gran Turismo Sport Looks Insanely Good And Could Be Way Bigger Than We Thought

Polyphony digital, the makers of the legendary video game franchise Gran Turismo, have just unveiled their latest trailer for the hotly anticipated Gran Turismo Sport. While most of us racing gamers were hoping for the 7th installment of the series, this seems to be a stop gap measure until they can get a full fledged game out. Though, to me, this trailer looks pretty much like a complete emersion instead of something to tide us over.

Watch for yourself.

Is that a freaking RALLY MUSTANG!? Awesome.

There’s a few things that make me believe this is going to be more of a full-game immersion.


Yes PlayStation 4 is an incredible console and is outselling Xbox 1 and had tons of power and capabilities, but when you see a game coming out with 4k and Virtual Reality built in, you take notice. Why would PD put out a shortened game with these features? Is this really a full fledged game? Is this really Gran Turismo 7 in disguise?


There are way more vehicles in this than I previously anticipated. There are also gameplay videos out there that seem to show this being a way more involved game, with a ton of vehicles, than anyone could have thought. I mean, all those GT racers aren’t there by accident and GT6 only have 4-5 GT3 cars. This shortened game seems to have way more including Ferraris and even the brand new Ftype GT car.. Not only that, but it’s not just racer cars in there either. There are normal cars too which leads gamers to believe this game will have multiple levels of gameplay.


Gran Turismo 6 was not a great game. it was very solid, but it had flaws including car exhaust and engine sounds, tire screeching that was not correct, physics were a bit off, and so on. Given the trailer above, and the linked video above too, the sounds seem to be much improved. The tires sound the same, but they definitely seem like they’ve done their research on that end. And for a half-way-point of a game, why bother with that kind of detail.


Why would you put rally in a game that isn’t a full release?

All of this leads me to believe that Gran Turismo Sport is going to be a MUCH better deal than all of us thought with much more immersive gameplay and features that have never been seen from the GT franchise to date. I, for one, am hugely excited.

Who else will be buying this when it comes out in 2017?

(Source: YouTube)


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