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The Boys Go On An Adventure. But First They Must Build It

We are just hours away from the first ever Grand Tour 2 part special. We won’t see the traditional Grand Tour tent being set up here. We won’t see any “Conversation Street” or “Celebrity Brain Crash” (Thank God…) Instead we will see the Boys go on an African adventure in Namibia, racing their beach buggies. We’ve said it before, this episode will remind you of the very best of old Top Gear, and seeing the new trailer that was just released, we’d have to agree with ourselves even more.

In this video, Clarkson, Hammond, and May describe the disagreement they had with their producer, Andy Wilman, about how beach buggies are great but never caught on. So they’re given a challenge to go travel through the desert of Africa. But before they can set off, they must first build their vehicles. If you’ve seen the “Enviro-Mental” episode you were probably bummed that you didn’t get to see how their “Green” and sustainable cars were made. We hope that we’ll get to see the build process in this episode as those build segments are typically hilarious as evidenced by old Top Gear footage.

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