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Demon Has Been Teased. See If You Can Spot The Details

Not too long ago Dodge just came out with a terrible teaser of their new version of the Challenger, the Demon. The video titled “Cage” was extremely cheesy and gave absolutely no information about the upcoming car. Now they’re making up for that lousy teaser by releasing a more informative one on Facebook. See it for yourself:

We’re not really sure what to expect with the Demon, but Dodge has been testing out a Challenger prototype that sports massive rubbers and a wide-body kit for awhile. The Challenger ADR, which stands for American Drag Racing, is reported to come out later in 2017. Could the Demon be the new Challenger ADR? We don’t really know, but as the video shows the new car should give a massive weight reduction advantage over the Hellcat.

As for power and drivetrain information, we’re pretty much in the dark just like anyone else. Personally, I believe the Demon will sport the Challenger’s new All-Wheel drive system, as currently available on cheaper trims. Originally I thought the Demon would make over 850+ horsepower with various forms of forced induction, but after seeing this teaser and their decision to go lighter weight, I’m inclined to retract that high number.

What do you think the Demon will be? AWD or RWD? How much horsepower do you think it will make?

(Source: Dodge)


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