Here’s The Leaked McLaren P14 Image They Don’t Want You To See

Ladies and Gentleman we have a McLaren bombshell this morning and it comes in the form of a leaked picture.

The P14 designation has been given to the car that will succeed the McLaren 650s. The 650s is McLaren’s flagship model, not the P1 which is the halo car. The P14 has been shrouded in secrecy thus far and all we’ve seen are a few spy shots like the one below. This comes courtesy of our friends at Motor 1.

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Well it doesn’t end there. The P14 has even been spotted on public roads testing with the same camo in the picture above.

Now, we have the clearest picture yet. Thanks to instragramer lamborghiniks we have our first spy shot of the car with no camouflage, fully painted, and what looks to be a production model. Be still my heart.


WOW!! Congratulations are in order!!!! This image has recently leaked of the upcoming McLaren 720S aka P14. This will be the all new successor to the McLaren 650S. I have heard for a while now that this car is going to be amazing but now I am even more excited for its official debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show!!! Just look at it! 😍 Hey @mclarenauto @frank_stephenson @robert_melville @jamesbanksesq – Well Done Gentlemen!! Take a bow. You have earned it. This is next level!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏😍👍 See you guys at Geneva! Photographer is unknown. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is only 39 days away!!! I cannot wait to see this stunning masterpiece in person!! 🙏😆🙏 🏎💨 ______________________________________________________________ #McLaren #720S #McLaren720S #P14 #McLarenP14 #P1 #MSO #McLarenP1 #NoIAmNotPostingThisTryingToGetTheBP23 #AlreadyRejectedAndRightfullySo #675LT #688HS #P14 #570S #BP23 #F1 #BruceMcLaren #FrankStephenson #AstonMartin #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porsche #GT2RS #Pagani #Koenigsegg #488 #Huracan #HuracanPerformante #England #WOW #BLESSED

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MOMMA! As a massive McLaren fan, this is hugely exciting to me and it should be for the rest of the supercar community as well. The 650s is a world beating machine and McLaren has firmly planed itself in the “best supercar maker” discussion since its return to making road cars with the MP4-12C. This spy shot is WAY ahead of the car’s official debut in Geneva and hooooo baby does it look good.

I, for one, cannot wait until this thing hits the market and we get some performance figures.


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