Someone Photoshopped A Mustang Shooting Brake. And We Want It

Do we have a good reason why we don’t see more Shooting Brake designs? It’s boxy, utilitarian, and doesn’t sacrifice the driving dynamics of its coupe counterparts. Sure, it might look a bit like a failed wagon, or a slammed SUV, or a shoe. But I’m willing to bet that if companies offered it as a trim, we’d see a lot more of it on the road today.

Enter Theophilus Chin, manipulator of automotive things. He managed to photoshop a normal Mustang GT Coupe into a shooting brake version. Sure the C-pillar looks a bit huge and visibility might be total shit, but who cares when you’re driving in a unique mustang?

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We envision you can still use this Mustang Shooting Brake for drag races. But you can also stop by Home Depot on your way home to pick up some lumber for your shelving project. We don’t know if Ford is aware of this project, but someone should notify them IMMEDIATELY. So as they’re busy making a new Hybrid Mustang, maybe they can also provide a new styling option.

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(Source: Theophilus Chin)


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