Chevy Camaro Restomod Is The Meanest Thing You Will Ever See

Restomodding is not the biggest business in the automotive world, but it sure is one of the coolest. For those of you that have been living under a rock and don’t know what the restomod is, allow me to explain. Start with an old car, restore it, then modify the living shit out of it as you see fit. And thus, the restomod was born.

Many different shops give you options as to what you can do with your new-old-new car. The most popular type of restomod is where the original, older design can still be seen, but everything, including the body, has been updated. That’s exactly what’s happening to this Chevy Camaro. Mexican restomod company SR Motors got their hands on an old Camaro and absolutely went to town on it. SR is a company based in Monterrey, Mexico, and they’re starting to make a name for themselves in the restomod community.

With projects like this, I’m not surprised.

That is what they call the Spartan and it’s bat shit insane. In my honest opinion, that is one hell of a good looking car. It’s based on the second gen gamaro built in the 1970s and apparently takes styling details from ancient Greek warriors. Of course, this isn’t just a pretty face. Specs are sparse, but according the SR Motor’s Facebook video this thing has a snarling V8, Magnaflow exhaust, and Lexani wheels.

Just listen to the noise it makes.

I need this in my life, like yesterday. Until I can afford something like this, I’ll be content looking at the strong pornography below.

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