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The Grand Tour Boys Clear Things Up About New Top Gear And Chris Evans’ Firing

The first season of The Grand Tour is now finally over, and if want to catch our coverage of the show you can head over here. Recently the Boys, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, just went on an interview answering various questions. The answers were, as expected, very hilarious. Ranging from their favorite cars, buying terrible looking jackets, and how the French Police are Nazis that give out fines costing whatever you had in your wallet at the time.

In the interview the Boys were asked about how hard they were laughing when news broke out that Chris Evans had to step down from the new Top Gear.

Question: With the constant demise of Top Gear and the departing of Chris Evans, how hard were you guys actually laughing

Clarkson: we weren’t laughing. Top Gear was my baby, it was all of ours actually.

Hammond: There was no “willing them to fail,” none of that. A lot of that was attributed to us, sometimes unfairly, in what way does that advantage us?

Check the 20:55 mark to see the entire conversation

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The rest of the conversation is of course hilarious, and we cannot wait to see what The Grand Tour has in store for us for season two. In the mean time, the new Top Gear, consisting of Rory Reid, Matt LeBlanc, and Chris Harris, is up next in the automotive entertainment queue. Series 24 should offer viewers something better than the dismal Series 23 of 2016:

(Source: YouTube)


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