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Top Gear Airs Soon, And They’ve Cut The Fat Hoping You Would Come Back

If you could recall back to the pre Grand Tour days, there was this other show on BBC called Top Gear. It went off the air for sometime after March of 2015. Apparently some guy didn’t like cold food and threw a punch that ended his British public broadcasting tenure. To fill that giant apelike void, the BBC scrambled to assemble a rag tag group of big named actors and presenters, put them in some very shiny and fast cars, and hoped for the best that people will tune in. The people didn’t watch it.

New Top Gear Trio

Now the new Top Gear is coming back on the air very soon, and the BBC have cut the fat, hoping the viewers would come back and watch. It was recently announced on the Top Gear website that Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid, and Chris Harris will be returning to the screen on Sunday, March 5th, 2017. Excluding The Stig, that’s a 50% staff cut on TV personalities compared to the maiden series 23. The original New Top Gear crew consisted of the above three along with Chris Evans, Sabine Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan.

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According to Top Gear:

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid return to your screens next month. Yes, we can officially confirm that the new series of Top Gear launches on Sunday 5 March.

What can you expect from the new series? Drifting a 1,036bhp Ferrari FXX K, a race across the Kazakhstan wilderness, and of course, the new, twin-turbo V12-engined Aston Martin DB11.

There’s plenty more, and we’ll have further details for you in due course. For now, people of the UK, ready your big red marker pen and note it down: Sunday 5 March, 8pm on BBC Two and BBC Two HD.

Those of you reading this probably believe that Top Gear died when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May stopped doing the show. And you’re 100% correct! The show that was resurrected from the ashes of Top Gear was not the fiery phoenix that the BBC had hoped. Instead it was a shell of the old show run by impersonators, forcing chemistry on one another as if they’ve known each other for decades.

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We wrote a long time ago that we should give new Top Gear a chance, because in the least we are getting another high production value automotive entertainment show. Series 23 has come and gone and so has the first season of The Grand Tour. While the two don’t even compare to one another, we’re still glad to have been entertained by both.

Now that the new Top Gear is doing its second chance fresh start, we are sticking with our recommendation to give them another chance. “Old Top Gear” (circa 2002-2015) was not great from the get go, and they had to revise their lineup a bit before they got it perfect. Let’s hope new Top Gear can find their own niche and do the same. Because some of you viewers are already paying for them to be on the air. Might as well enjoy it.

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