This McLaren 720S Commercial Might Make You Cry

The name McLaren embodies a strong passion found in F1 fans. It evokes feelings of racing glory and beauty in engineering. It also represents a line of somewhat attainable sports/supercars that promise a slow trickle of F1 features.

After the recent leaks of the McLaren 720S, I was very excited. But I didn’t expect something like this. Though expected, McLaren has thrown a bit of a curveball by honoring one of its former drivers in this promo video for the 720S. The video starts out as you would expect. An orange 720S lights up and raises its doors in someone’s garage. Man walks up to it and gets in. The car fires up and spits a few revs. Cut to the track where the car is putting down some laps. I’ll let you watch what happens next.

The emotional impact of Senna’s call to push your personal limits while watching the car at its own limit might be a genius marketing strategy. The video as a whole seems to be respectful in its tribute to Ayrton Senna while still showcasing McLaren’s new car. The somber music and the mood of the night setting makes me wish Ayrton were still around to show us how to take the new Acura NSX around a track. Or any McLaren for that matter.

Props to Senna’s nephew Bruno for agreeing to be a part of the production. Now it’s time for me to go push my limits.


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