This Is The Toyota Supra You Never Wanted To See

As someone who likes his cars stock for the most part, you can kill this abomination with fire. This is a 1993 Toyota Supra TT and it was recently for sale in Rosemead, CA. And it’s absolutely horrendous.

The original posting lists “suicide doors, motorize,” “wide body all metal,” “custom kandy paint,” and “custom sound system.” They’re sparse on details since they missed the questionably green headlights and highly offensive deep dish chrome wheels.

The abomination was listed at $66,000. It’s rather confusing since I’d think the “modifications” done to the car should bring the value down closer to the cost of a used 2JZ. If I were a buyer, which I’m not, I’d offer with enough room left in the budget to repaint, replace the wheels, and remove and replace the ridiculous body kit.

The worst part: it’s an auto. No fun stick in the ugly car. Paul Walker would be rolling over in his grave. After doing some digging, I learned that the car had been listed for $80,000 back in September. I wonder why the seller would have trouble finding a seller on this lovely Supra.

According to, a used 1993 Supra TT auto is worth around $17,000. Good luck, ugly Supra man. Hope you didn’t mortgage all those mods.

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