Volvo Is Trolling Volkswagen With Their Diesel Buyback Program

Volkswagen is in the midst of a scandal. I know, hard to believe right? I know I haven’t heard much about it. Sarcasm aside, VW’s goose on the diesel end of things is pretty much cooked. We even found a massive VW diesel graveyard just outside of Baltimore, MD. But somehow VW is still winning the sales game as the Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) is now the largest car maker on the planet and is hitting record profits. Because of this, other automakers are getting a bit creative with their sales opportunities.

Volvo, for example, has had a tumultuous recent history, but their history and bar-setting safety has kept them relevant forever. After being bought by Chinese company Geely, Volvo has seen a recent resurgence. In fact, Geely has just doubled it sales and Volvo’s tech has a lot to do with that success. But at the great risk of this sounding like one giant Volvo ad (it’s not), their creative and advertising departments have been CRUSHING it.

This example that Volvo, and whatever ad agency it hired, put out is one of the best car ads we’ve seen in a long time. Now, they’re channeling that creativity into a new buyback program while simultaneously trolling the living shit out of VW in the process.

If you go to this link, you’ll be brought to a page on Volvo’s US website with “an exclusive offer on eligible vehicles.”

“ENJOY THE LUXURY OF A CLEANER DRIVE.” Hmmmm wonder who they’re talking about. Scroll down the page and you’ll find what vehicles are eligible.

Yea, those are all VW diesels. So what Volvo is doing is pretty genius. Have you been spurned by VW and are angry at them? Come to Volvo! We won’t give you a car that is nothing but lies.

According to the site all you need to do is bring in your VW paperwork which includes US insurance confirmation and US registration that displays your name, address, the vehicle’s VIN, and the expiration date. Pretty simple and a great idea from Volvo.

But the troll doesn’t end there.

Ah yes what would a VW buyback program be without a little jab at the dieselgate scandal. The snark is so strong here.

From a pure marketing perspective, this is a brilliant ploy to get more buyers. From an internet trolling perspective, Volvo has taken it to another level. Here are the details for the buyback offer.

If you have a VW and are interested in Volvo, you might want to look into it. Hell, I’d buy a troll car.

(Source: Volvo USA)


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