Is This 1991 900 Turbo SPG The Perfect Saab?

The Saab 900 SPG is the perfect classic Saab. It retains all the wacky Swedish features of a normal 900 Turbo with added rarity and performance. Since only 7,600 SPGs were imported into the US, from 1985 to 1991, don’t expect to see one at your next Saab meet. Also for the record, Saab meets still happen and I’m sure they’re lots of fun. The 900 Turbo was a defining moment for Saab. It brought car enthusiasts to the brand and also brought their racing heritage to new heights.

The distinct silhouette of the Saab 900 Turbo will forever define the brand. Today the 900 Turbo is the collectible Saab to have and the performance trim SPG model is the best of the best. Luckily the good people of Bring a Trailer have pristine 1991 SPG for sale right now.

Known as the 900 Aero in the EU the SPG was a hotter version of Saab’s Turbo coupe. It a featured a 2.0L B202 16-valve inline-four turbocharged and intercooled engine producing 175 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. This increase in power was rounded out with improved factory suspension and a tweaked exterior for better aerodynamics. For added safety, Saab also included ABS for more control under hard braking.

The SPG in question is painted in Saab’s Beryl Green paint that was only available in the 1991 model year. This unique paint color makes this rare car even more collectible. There are literally dozens of Saab enthusiasts across the world trying to buy this car. Thier passion for cars like this is why old Saabs still matter. Sure Saab wasn’t the world’s greatest car manufacturer, and when they died they were a hollow shell of their former self, filled with GM’s missteps. But, we’ll always fondly remember Swedens third greatest car manufacturer.

The 900 Turbo is the defining Saab. It brought all types of people to the brand and spawned the turbo craze we know today. It’s unmistakable silhouette and quirky drivetrain makes this a timeless classic worth coveting. The world is full of far too many normal collectors cars. If you want to own a car that stands out, you need a Saab.


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