Alfa Romeo Sales Are Up 1191% From Last Year

You read that right. Alfa Romeo is doing well! Sales growth is through the roof for America’s latest Italian purveyors of automobiles. Honestly, it’s not a fair comparison considering they only sold 53 cars last March but this is still good news. I want Alfa to do well and you should too.

Alfa Romeo was able to sell 555 cars this month and I expect huge sales growth for the future. Alfa sold more cars than they did in all of 2016 this March and that’s just the beginning. Now that the brand’s only product isn’t a niche sports car, Alfa can finally assimilate into normal car culture.

Those SuperBowl ads really paid off.

Last year the only car Alfa sold was the impractical toy known as the 4C. Although it is a great novelty I wouldn’t call it a useful car. Now that Alfa sells the Giulia and spends a ton of money on advertising hundreds of customers flocked to showrooms this March. With growing brand recognition and a larger product portfolio, the Alfa renaissance is upon us.

With the growing popularity of Giulia and the upcoming Stelvio SUV expect to see a lot more Alfas on the road. In the SUV-crazed world we live in I expect the Stelvio to sell at an even faster pace than the Giulia. With a more well-rounded model lineup, Alfa might finally become a staple in the American car market.

Alfa has a long way to go but this is a strong start.

Alfa has a long way to go but this is a strong start. I’m glad they were able to convince so many brave customers to join the brand’s quest for redemption. With two new compelling products, Alfa Romeo is back in a real way. I cannot wait to see where they will go next.


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