Corvettes With Carbon Ceramic Brakes Are Marked Down $8,000 But For Good Reason

It’s not rare for manufacturers to offer incentives as the summer starts. With the nicer weather, more people will flock to the dealers seeking deals on new cars. It is rare, however, to see strong incentives offered on performance cars like the Corvette. That’s what makes Chevy’s latest incentives very intriguing.

If you want a Corvette with Carbon Ceramic brakes you’re in luck. This optional extra usually runs about $7,995 but it can be yours for free. With current incentives on cars equipped with the J57 Ceramic Brake option combined with an additional incentive, Chevy will knock $8,000 off the price of your Corvette. This includes the Z06 and Grandsport for those looking for a special Corvette.

Now that’s a lot of money to take off a brand new performance car. But there’s a catch. Of course, there’s a catch! Chevy isn’t giving away cheaper Corvettes because they love you. Chevy is doing this because carbon ceramics are expensive. They cost a lot from the factory and cost even more to replace. A Reddit user smarter than I known as, JaredFr0mSubway, posted a photo of a dealer invoice for a full brake replacement for a Corvette with Carbon Ceramics shown below.

To replace all four rotors and pads with labor runs over $17,000. Let that sink in, $17,000 for brakes. Carbon Ceramics look cool and can handle a ton of heat, but they chip easily and cost an entire Honda Civic to replace. So now it all makes sense. Chevy wants the world to buy Corvettes with Carbon Ceramics so they car charge you the price of a Cruze to replace.

Carbon Ceramics have their benefits on a race track but in the real world, they’re simply not worth it. Don’t kid yourself, you don’t need brakes worth over 740 cases of delicious Yuengling Lager. So don’t be fooled, steel brakes are fine. Buy one of these Corvettes with the expensive brakes but when the time comes to replace them, do that smart thing and switch to good old fashioned steel rotors.


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