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Every Stock 2015+ F150 Dyno’d To See If Ford’s Numbers Are Accurate

Here’s what Ford’s F150s Really put down

Horsepower numbers have sold cars since the first car ever touted 0.75 horses in 1886. When it comes to stock numbers there’s always a fuss if the manufacturer is telling the truth. Then there’s the question of which engine is best. So in the world of trucks when the F150 now offers 5 different engines configurations you have options. But which F150 makes the most horsepower on a dyno?

The biggest fuss in the F150 world is the new age Ecoboost vs tried and true Coyote V8. It comes as no surprise that the V8 makes more horsepower but is evenly matched with the eco in the torque department. The Raptor is the king of horsepower and torque, edging out the new high torque diesel.

No matter what engine you choose for your F150 you’re going to see it’s true horsepower in this video. There are pros and cons to every F150 engine option. That’s just the facts of life. The good part is Ford gives you options. If you want the rumble of a V8, the tunability of a turbo or the torque of a diesel, Ford has a truck for you.


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