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The Next Jaguar F-Type Could Go All Electric

Long Live the V8

The next generation Jaguar F-Type is rumored to be all electric ushering in a new age of Jaguar performance cars. This switch would mean trading in the car’s raucous Supercharged engines for something much quieter. Would an electric F-Type make sense?

In an interview with Autocar Jaguar Design Chief Ian Callum told Autocar an F-Type replacement is at least 2 years away. So start saving your pennies because soon the market will be flooded with used F-Types.

Well with current automotive trends, of course, it makes sense to look toward electricity as the future, but the F-Type is more than just numbers. The Jaguar F-Type is one of my favorite cars to drive and it’s not because it has the best steering or most engaging chassis. It’s the noise.

The Jaguar F-Type is the best car in the world for making noise and electricity can never replace that. The Jaguar F-Type howls when you press the accelerator and release a barrage of artillery fire when you let off. This symphony of noise is absolutely addicting. Sure speed is fun, but crafting a symphony with your right foot is far better.

I don’t care if the electric F-Type is twice as fast as the current car. There are plenty of cars that are perfectly suited for electric drivetrains but the F-Type isn’t one of them. Today it’s hard to find a car with a soul. The F-Type is one of those few cars that will talk to you and I’m going to miss that.


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