Illegal Top Speed Run of Ferrari F40 On Japanese Highway

Vmaxing F40 in Japanese Highway

The Ferrari F40 had a top speed of 199 miles per hour. Although impressive, the 199 mph run was not enough to beat Porsche’s 959 S’s top speed of 211 mph or the RUF Yellow Bird’s run of 213 mph.

Even though the F40 wasn’t the fastest car on earth its performance was incredible. Today the F40 is considered one of the best cars ever built and for good reason. The F40 represents the last of the old supercars that were focused on performance over everything else. The F40 was a raw racecar for the road with a sparse interior, manual transmission, and seed through paint.

To celebrate the F40’s greatness watch the below video from the 80s of some crazy enthusiasts ripping down a Japanese highway.

Oh and on this, they were very arrested when the video surfaced. Don’t do this or you’re probably gonna get nicked.


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