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CHE Precision Inc joins Ron Capps Motorsports as valve train component supplier

The crew chiefs behind Ron Capps’ championship winning Funny Car, Dean ‘Guido’ Antonelli and John Medlen, are highly respected and highly regarded as the best of the best in the NHRA Drag Racing world. One of the reasons why, is they are ultra selective when it comes to choosing their performance partners and today they continued that by announcing that CHE Precision Inc has been added to their growing list of backers and is now the official valve train component supplier of Ron Capps’ 11,000 horsepower NAPA Auto Parts Funny Car.

The brain trust of Antonelli/Medlen have relied on CHE Precision Inc valve train components for twenty years and and have credited their high quality products for helping them win races and championships. As Ron and the brain trust embark on this new venture they have the very unique advantage of hand selecting the companies they want to work with as they help refine Ron’s new Funny Car team.

Antonelli had this to say about the news, “Valve train components are crucial elements to any high performance engine, let alone a nitromethane burning fuel engine. If you have anything fail in the valve train, it usually results in an explosion, so it’s of the utmost importance to use the highest quality, most refined machined components available. John Medlen and I have worked with CHE and their staff for decades. We both have machining backgrounds, so we understand the importance of securing the best components.”

“The fans see it on the race track, but I’ve been around this sport long enough to know that the success starts with all of the hard work that our team puts in at the shop and the late nights in the machine shop, planning how to get better,” Ron said of the dedication behind the scenes and how it translates to wins on Sundays. “I couldn’t imagine going to the starting line without the the support and the components from CHE. There are reasons you win championships, and they’re a major part of that, and I’m thrilled they will be joining our team in 2022.”

CHE Precision Inc is a well known name throughout the pits, with most of the top ranked teams relying on their products for many years, but 2022 will be the first time their NHRA involvement will be official sponsorship of a nitro team.

“We’ve been a fixture in the NHRA pro pits for many years, but more as a behind the scenes supporter,” Charlie Holguin, owner of CHE Precision Inc explained. “This will be our first time joining one of the nitro teams in an official capacity, and who better to do that with than Ron Capps and the NAPA team, the defending champions. We’re a family owned company that is built on strong relationships, and we know that Ron, ‘Guido’ and John Medlen share those same values. CHE has been in business for over 35 years, and we look forward to playing a key role in the success of Ron Capps Motorsports in its debut season and beyond, and are already looking toward the future as to how we can continue to grow with what is sure to be a powerhouse organization in the drag racing industry.”


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