Happy to meet you all!

1. Where have I been?

After the closure announced for DriveTribe, I was away from online writing as I was greatly stressed with my life (re-prepping for colleges, conflicts with my parents…) and that depressing announcement. I did occupy myself with taking photos and making videos along with studying, but I wasn’t sure of returning to writing yet.

Recently, I have been watching advertisements… lots of advertisements. Getting so many different impressions and seeing ones that I wanted to share with others, I suddenly grasped the idea of writing articles about the car and car-related advertisements. Yes, discussing the ads.

2. What will I write from now on?

I will discuss commercials that were aired on big events (like Super Bowl), thoughts about some advertisements that are popular and/or ones I want to discuss, my picks for my favorite advertisements, and retrospects to memorable advertisements – all related to cars, so my articles can fit the theme and topic of this website.

3. Schedule

I will be writing on an irregular basis, as I have to deal with intense studying as well. But of course, I will try my best to deliver quality articles whenever I get to release one.

I’m very glad to be writing like this again. See you soon 🙂


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