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Renault Samsung is no more – now it’s Renault Korea Motors

On March 16th, 2022, during the ‘New Start New Name’ event, Renault Samsung Motors changed its name to Renault Korea Motors.


Upon Renault’s purchase of Samsung Motors in 2000, Samsung was no longer involved in the automotive industry but the name was kept due to the high brand value of Samsung in Korea. During the 2000s, Renault Samsung Motors re-produced Nissan cars (Cefiro, Teana, Bluebird Sylphy) at the Busan factory, but since 2010s (after Nissan officially started to import their cars to South Korea in 2008, until withdrawing in 2020) Renault cars were re-produced. Renault Samsung Motors showed a more intimate relationship to Renault, as the two have co-developed cars – most notably Talisman.


With a new CEO, Stéphane Deblaise, a new name, and a restyled logo (while keeping the Busan factory), Renault Korea Motors is seeking to reform and regain significance in the Korean car industry and increase eco-friendly car lineup. Only time will tell whether their rebranding was a success or a futile attempt.


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