CarTrek Season 8 is the nightmare of EVs and a brilliant ode to the internal combustion engine

Fuel economy. Who needs it?! Sane people, maybe, but CarTrek does not star the kind of people that would value 30 miles per gallon or 132 hp 4-cylinder engines in a 2013 Toyota Corolla LE. CarTrek stars a trio of YouTubers, Ed Bolian, Tyler Hoovie, and Freddy Hernandez, who value cars that go fast, guzzle gas, and guzzle gas while going fast.

What’s that? The new Season 8 of CarTrek is about buying gas-guzzler sports cars for the price of a Tesla Model 3? Damn, how convenient! Let’s round up our contestants.

From the “Build it Better” corner hails a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with some slight modifications to get the wow power of the LS7 under the hood to around 650 hp. Fairly zippy, yes, but with a supposed mpg in the mid to high twenties, we’re looking for something that drinks more.

Georgia Man himself, Mr. Ed Bolian, bought a Bentley Continental GT Supersports from a CarMax auction with over 177,000 miles on the odometer that weighs just under 5000 lbs. The W12 beast under the hood screamed out 621 hp from the factory but almost 200,000 miles later, I’d warrant that figure is a little lower. Still, though, it does have 12 thirsty cylinders that require dead dino juice at a rate that would make a hurricane seem slow so we’re definitely on the right track with this one.

Last, but likely first to die if the legends of this car are true, is Tyler with a salvage title 2003 Dodge Viper. It has a V10 under the hood, tires that are way past their expiration date, and no assist systems to prevent a romantic, up close and personal, date with oncoming traffic. It’s America’s favorite death trap and likely the last candidate to ever be admitted into the MPG Hall of Fame.

Now the best way to test these middle fingers to the environment is of course on a race track, or more specifically Atlanta Motor Speedway. What happens there is up to you to discover but you should definitely expect greatness.


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