Tesla Smashes Q4 Projections for Model S

If you haven’t heard of Tesla, you’re probably not really into cars. Or you’re into 19th century mad scientists. Either way, both are highly awesome.The Tesla I’m referring to makes electric vehicles for the masses and their most popular model is the S. It is a stunning car that can beat a BMW M5 in a 0-60 drag race all while using no gas and way less decibels. To most of us, that’s sacrilege. To the 6,900 people that bought a Model S in Q4 of 2013, that’s music to their ears. Tesla’s original estimate of just under 6,000 units sold was crushed by more than 8% when their Q4 actuals came in at 6,900 sold. Because of this, Tesla’s stock skyrocketed almost 16% at the close of yesterday’s bell.

What does all this mean? Well this means that Tesla is selling more and more cars every quarter and people are adopting electric vehicles despite their range issues compared to their gas-guzzling brethren. Which is bad news for other high end luxury car makers such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. It will be interesting to see if the BMW i3 makes any headway in stymieing Tesla’s hard-charging sales run. Only time will tell and 2014 year-end-totals will be interesting.

Another fascinating point is the fact that Tesla will be unveiling many new production cars within the next 3 years including a 3-series fighter in 2015 and a Model X crossover in late 2014. To the casual observer, there is no ceiling in sight as Tesla continues to outperform and blazes a path for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. All while laughing at the skeptics and spewing gravel, not exhaust fumes, in their faces.

Photo credit Motor Trend


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