2014 Preview

Now that it’s the new year we have a slew of Auto Shows ahead of us, promising new and exciting models to drool and gawk over.


Just to grasp the magnitude of how great this year will be, try to remember how stunned you were by the 2005 retro futuristic Ford Mustang. Now combine that with the anticipation and slow crescendo of the unveiling of the first U.S. bound GTR, and serve it up with a healthy dose of good ol’ American muscle car drama that has been going on for decades. 2014 is a culmination of these sensations and it’s making this auto-fan feel all giggly inside.

2015 z06

The Z06, rumored to come with more than enough power to efficiently roast your tire fund

On the one hand we will see a bunch of new product life-cycles such as the new Ford Mustang and the Hyundai Genesis and on the other we will see beastly versions of cars released this past year.  Oh you just bought a new Stingray? well, prep your ego for a reality check when your neighbor one-ups you in the new Z06, which is rumored to have a whopping 620 hp and 650 lb-ft of you looking up kbb values.

With the upcoming 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit kicking things off, let’s take a look at a preview of what’s to come this year:

2015 ford mustang

The new Mustang loses a B pillar and gains a whole lot of sexy with a side of independent rear suspension.

M3 Sedan

BMW continues to frustrate purists by legitimizing the 4 series and having both the M3 AND the M4

2015 Hyundai Genesis

The new Genesis will also come out, showing everyone that Hyundai will soon take over the automotive world because they can out-design, and out-sell their competitors.  


If you have more money to spare, Lamborghini has delivered the killing blow to the undying Gallardo so they can strut around its new bull, the Huracan. Rumored to have over 600 hp, the high revving V10 will be shared with the 2nd generation R8.

bmw i8

BMW has also officially unveiled the production ready i8. The smaller and cheaper i3, “Fueled By Innovation” and designed by a spiteful person, will also be available 

This is just a small taste of what’s to come in 2014. For the non gas guzzling type there will be new alternate fuel, hybrid, and electric fuel vehicles in the near horizon such as the Mitsubishi’s MiEV, the Chevrolet Spark EV, and the Cadillac ELR, accompanying the long list of diesel/hybrid variants of the traditional lineup. For further coverage of this exciting 2014, stick around with


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