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Chad Takes 2014 Shifting Lanes Karting Title

At the Bachelor party for one of our own another of our own shined today taking the F1 karting crown. Last year Hansen stole the crown from me with a fastest lap at Pole position in Jersey City, NJ. This time, at New Jersey Morotsports Park in Millville, Chad rose to the occasion and stomped the completion working out a victory over yours truly. This, of course, is total bullshit. Not because he cheated, but I now have two second place finishes, while being the most consistent.

Congratulations to Chad, you bastard.

In third was our friend Jared. Jared had a commanding, 7 second lead as Chad and I battled it out for 2nd place, but made a grave error and spun off track near the middle of the race. Chad then raced ahead and built a 2-3 second lead while Jared caught up to yours truly. On the last lap, Chad’s victory was all but assured until he went off in the same place Jared did, but maintained control to keep moving. As I closed in, it was not meant to be as Chad won by 4 cart lengths.

Until next year, damn you Chad.


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