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Spa to Sue Infinity Over Name of Q50 Eau Rouge Variant

Infiniti can’t seem to catch a break these days. First, their new naming conventions for their line is universally panned as confusing and a bit odd (even though Cadillac just introduced a similar naming structure). Now it looks like the super cool name of Q50 Eau Rouge, named after the famously fast left-then-right uphill turns at Belgian race track Spa-Francorchamps, might be going away. Why? Because Spa is set to sue Infiniti over the name of their turns.

Spa’s argument stems from a road car being named after fabled turns at an F1 curcuit. According to Bloomberg, Spa will contest Nissan’s trademark application for the name with Spa director Pierre-Alain Thibaut giving the quote, “It’s like they want to steal the brand from the circuit. We consider it exactly the opposite of fair play.

Not entirely sure that “Eau Rouge” is a brand per-say, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Q50 Eau Rouge 2

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