Chevrolet’s Second Reveal Of The 2015 NYIAS Is The All New 2016 Spark

Yesterday, Chevrolet surprised people all across the country with the #bestdayever campaign, giving make a wish children as well as regular people as gas stations anything from trips to England to free gas to celebrity professors in classrooms. Chevy just wanted to make people’s days better, and they genuinely succeeded at it.


Today, they continued that trend by introducing the all new Spark. This quirky little car has become one of the better selling small cars in the world, and has been embraced by the U.S. audience to the tune of ~40,000 units sold last year. With the new car comes an new appearance, slimmer pillars, shorter stature, and wheels being pushed to the corners, giving it a much squatter stance than the outgoing model. A stronger body structure means a safer car and more sophisticated materials used inside show a higher quality interior.  

The Spark also follows the new trend of Wifi capable cars. This is the first Spark with this feature. 

All things considered, this is a much better looking car than the first generation. And with the new capabilities, this Spark should be much more popular.





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