Nissan Maxima

The new Nissan Maxima made its television debut during the Superbowl earlier this year, making you believe that a seasoned racecar driver prefers to ride home in a fully loaded Maxima. In that commercial the car had a minivan like beltline giving the illusion of a much larger car.

Under the auto show blanket the profile of the Maxima suggests a sleek athletic stance as witnessed in the down drooping front quarter panel.

This new Maxima has been designed in the US and made for the US. The 4 door sports car is now 2.2 inches longer, 1.2 inches lower and 82 lbs lighter than the previous model. Carlos Goshn, Nissan’s CEO, presented the car himself. The better power to weight ratio and more aggressive stance moves the Maxima closer to its big brother, the GTR, claims the CEO… I think it is a bit of a stretch


The Maxima has LED head and tail lights, a unique “Floating Roof” treatment, and a low coefficient of drag of .295.


Moving to the interior and you will find the “Zero-gravity” seats and a race inspired flat-bottomed steering wheel, allowing more room for the knees. You will also find the Sport mode which will make the engine noise louder for the driver. Actual performance increase during sports mode still needs to be validated.


Like most auto manufacturers Nissan is including a lot of driver aids such as the Driver Attention Alert (DAA) which warns the driver when they get drowsy. Forward emergency braking, and also blindspot tools helping the driver increase their attention on rhe surroundings.


The Maxima will be on sale starting in June and will start at $32,140 which inches closer to the average price of a new car these days (33K.) Mr. Goshn claims that the Maxima will challenge cars that are priced thousands more.


The Maxima will be equipped with the 300 hp V6 that had 61 new parts, achieving a very respectable 30 mpg, a 15% increase.



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