Hypercar Profile: FXX K Ferrari

There’s a video floating around here of the Ferrari FXX K rip-roaring through Spa Francorchamp. It looks, sounds, and goes like crazy, so we want to look more closely at what makes it go.

The first Ferrari FXX came out in 2005 based off the Ferrari Enzo. This time around they’ve used the LaFerrari, Ferrari’s first hybrid, as a platform and added a special K to the end. The K stands for KERS or the Kinetic Energy Recovery System. It basically uses energy recovered under braking, stores it in a battery system, and expends it when under acceleration. This is the technology found in Formula One cars, and FIA has been tinkering with the technology since 2008.


The LaFerrari’s hybrid system and KERS produces a total of 1035 hp and maximum torque of over 660 lb-ft. This is partly thanks to the 6.26 liter V12 that can sing falsetto at an insane 9250 RPMs. This engine is mated to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission to ensure lightning speed gear changes.




The LaFerrari also has an active downforce management via the rear wing. It will actively alternate between several states, retracted and extended, generating a maximum 1200 pounds of downforce.

There’s only 40 models of the FXX K and they were being sold for about $3.6 million each. And just like all highly exclusive Ferraris, they sell out and do so quickly. The high price point and the insane power makes the LaFerrari FXX K a hypercar, the one percent of the one percenters.



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