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VIDEO: Here’s The Official Teaser For the jaguar F-Type SVR. It sounds EPIC.

We all know the Jaguar F-Type R is one of the loudest cars on the road. But, you know, in a good way. It’s 550hp v8 makes ridiculous noises come out the back and permanently implants smiles across the faces of enthusiasts everywhere.

We reported a few days ago that Jag will be unleashing an F-Type SVR soon, and now we have a video with more crazy sounds that the F-Type R. Take a listen



According to the video, they’re claiming 200mph, but we’ll see. That wing and the front splitter enhancement might drag limit the top speed a bit. All that remains to be seen is if we can get some seat time in this homologation of hell. We already love the V6 variant, now let’s see what this one can do.


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