Top Gear’s new host is… Joey?!

That’s right folks, Joey Tribbiani, will be hosting the new Top Gear! Er.. We mean Matt LeBlanc, will be hosting Top Gear alongside Chris Evans and the Stig. This new pairing is certainly going to bring new hype and interest to the extremely popular series.  


The previous Top Gear cast consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May unexpectedly unraveled as Jeremy Clarkson got into a ‘fracas’ with the producers over dinner. The firing of Clarkson caused the other two presenters to resign. The old Top Gear trio is now residing under the Amazon Prime streaming service while BBC has been scrambling to resuscitate their highest rated program with new hosts. 

The addition of Matt LeBlanc should provide great chemistry as he is the first American presenter on the British show. The show itself is well known for their harsh but jovial criticism of American cars and Americans themselves. The addition of LeBlanc should provide for many potential international jokes and rivalries. 

LeBlanc himself is a big car enthusiast who has been on the show twice and is the fastest celebrity in the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment. 

As an avid viewer, I’m totally excited to see more original automotive programming. How about you?


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