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Kia vs BMW and Audi. Get Used To It!

Hyundai has successfully shed its past image of low end and low performance vehicles. The strides they’ve made within the past decade are astounding as they pack in more feature per dollar in a much more attractive package than its former self. Its smaller brother Kia has also made similar strides with the release of the third generation Optima beginning in 2010.  Kia Novo Concept

Now Kia wants to set its sights on BMW and Audi by planning a rear wheel drive sporty sedan for 2017! The project code named, CK, will feature 2.0 liter, 2.2 liter, and 3.0 liter engines, according to a report by Reuters. This is an attempt by Kia to position itself as the sporty brand, as Hyundai who owns a 34% stake in Kia, has launched its Genesis brand to secure the luxury segment.


This move should only bolster the Korean automotive companies as the two currently offer very similar products, poising themselves to cannibalize each other’s markets. This new model will be smaller than the existing Hyundai Genesis mid-size coupe and would be the first compact sports sedan from both companies.

Automotive enthusiasts should rejoice in this news as the rear wheel drive small sports sedan is a tiny segment dominated by more expensive brands. If Kia can apply the Soul’s success to this new platform, expect to see a lot more Kias in car shows and on the track.

(Source: Reuters)


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