This Lamborghini Is An Automotive Hot Mess And We Want It

This is one car we never want to forget. The Lamborghini Egoista is a reminder to fans that the car company that once made the Countach still is capable of making completely insane cars. The Egoista is based off the Gallardo underpinnings and features a modified 5.2 liter V10 engine that produces a solid 600 brake horsepower. The Egoista was revealed in 2013 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Lamborghini Automobili company.


The insanity of the car begins with the name, Egoista, which means ‘selfish’ in Italian. The one seater road car is as functional as a Formula 1 race car, except nowhere near as fast or as nimble. The whole point of owning a Lamborghini is missed as there’s no one to share that driving pleasure with you. Isn’t that why you’d buy a Lamborghini in the first place, to make your lone passenger jealous? Onlookers will certainly be envious as the one-off Egoista looks unlike any Lamborghini in existence. The exterior shape resembles a hybrid between a mechanized bull and a stealth Comanche helicopter. The paint scheme of matte machine gray paint accented with bright orange vents and wheels suggest that this vehicle is some sort of a experimental Mecha, ripped straight from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

lamborghini-egoista-2 lamborghini-egoista-5

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Take a closer look near the cockpit area and you’d find details typically found on military vehicles or airplanes. A red and green right-of-way lights located on the roof will tell bypasser airplanes which way the Egoista is moving, and whether the Egoista or the aircraft has the right of way. A “Step Here” tile pretends to give you detailed instructions on how to get in the vehicle. In reality, getting in requires pivoting open the monolithic orange greenhouse and, in the spirit of open wheel race cars, the removal of the steering wheel. Peek inside and you’ll find silly velvety orange seats and a RIDICULOUS heads up display fitting of a fighter jet. The 4 point seat restraint system suggests that in the event of a crash, the seat will eject you hundreds of feet into the air, keeping you safe from the crash but also charging you with “leaving the scene of an accident.”


[ads2]lamborghini-egoista-4lamborghini-egoista-8It’s always fun when companies flex their design muscles and create something totally sadistic and out of this world. It’s just a shame that we never saw the Egoista get fully flogged around a track to see what it was capable of. If you’re ever in Sant’Agata Bolognese, you can visit the lone Egoista in the Lamborghini museum, sitting untarnished with other great Lamborghinis. In the meantime, enjoy the launch video below that’s also just as bonkers as the car it’s trying to introduce:

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