A Company Makes A Kit To Help You Showoff Your Wealth

It’s a real shame when you can’t take your $2.3 million car and drive it around town. Oh what’s that? You’re one of the 24 people in this world who owns the Aston Martin Vulcan, a 800 horsepower 7.0 liter V12 with a kerb weight of just under 3000 pounds? And you can’t drive it around town in public? How else will the plebes get their daily dose of envy? Won’t anyone think of the plebes?


Good news, all 24 of you! An engineering firm out of Northamptonshire, called RML, has developed a road-capable conversion package for your Aston Martin Vulcan! The kit will convert your dedicated track toy into a road legal vehicle by changing the safety-critical features (such as affixing road legal lights and making emissions modifications) and performing other mechanical alterations to make the Vulcan more roadworthy (such as gearing changes, and ride height modifications.) RML will also include any creature comfort features or any little changes desired by the owner, for a price, of course. The total price of the conversion kit is still unknown but is expected to go into the six-figure range and take 3-4 months to complete.


Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO, spoke to Autocar about the Vulcan conversion:

When we went to market, there was hesitation from a few prospective owners because it didn’t have a road pack. We didn’t want to make it road legal from the start, because (special projects boss) David King and his team wouldn’t have been able to make such a stunning car in the first place, but RML said they had the ability to do it.

So it has taken a bit of time to work out what’s possible from an engineering perspective, but we expect four or five owners (out of 24 in total) will take advantage of this. We have the sales of the last two cars currently under negotiation and it looks like the road conversion could be the closer on those deals.

Michael Mallock, who works for RML, provided this in an official statement:

This is a tremendously exciting project and one that is perfectly suited to RML’s world-leading expertise in managing one-off and ultra-low-volume engineering projects. The Aston Martin Vulcan is an incredible machine conceived to perform brilliantly on track. Converting it for road use yet preserving its extreme character and blistering performance is just the kind of challenge we relish, and one we’re extremely proud of rising to. The results are sure to be one of the most extraordinary road cars of all-time.

So who out there wants to make some common-folk envious? Now’s your chance!

Source: Autocar


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