Hypercar Profile: Aston Martin Vulcan

We saw the Aston Martin Vulcan prototype in the flesh back in the 2015 New York International Auto Show. It was a show stopper then but we didn’t get to fully appreciate the car with multiple senses. Youtuber, Marchettino, has kindly recorded the the Vulcan going around Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli during an Ultracar Sports Club event. In the video below you’ll hear the Vulcan startup, idle, and race through the Italian circuit.


The Vulcan is a project birthed out of the lessons learned from various Aston Martin products like the One-77 and its GT3 race car. It consists of a carbon fiber chassis and integrated roll cage that is extremely stiff but lightweight, similar to the One-77. This roll cage is FIA compliant and made from a unique alloy blend of high strength steels, making it 15% lighter than traditional roll cages.


The kerb weight dials in just under 3000 pounds. Aston Martin also borrowed the architecture of the GT3 engine, a pure displacement V12, that has been enlarged to 7.0 liter. They estimate the engine amounting to over 800 horsepower, before drivetrain losses. All of this power is mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox with straight cut gears. This adds to the unique whirring sound that you hear before the monstrous engine wails at higher RPMs.

aston-martin-vulcan_10 aston-martin-vulcan_11

Shuttling all that power and weight through the track is managed by a slick pushrod operated suspension mechanism, attached to double wishbone configuration for both the front and rear. The suspension is further damped using Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve technology, which simply allows for a 4-way adjustment on each individual damper, ensuring constant contact with the surface of the road.

If the Vulcan needs to slow down it can do so via the appropriately large Brembo braking system consisting of 6-piston lightweight calipers and 15″ carbon ceramic discs for the front axle, and a slightly smaller setup in the rear with 4-piston and 14″ discs.

am-vulcan-2 am-vulcan-5


Aston Martin only planned for 24 copies of the track-only Vulcan, each costing about $2.3 million. Even if you had the money, you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on one because they have all been sold out BEFORE the 2015 Geneva Motor Show debut! However, if you have a spare $3.4 million or more, you can pick up the FIRST one in the United States from duPont Registry, just make sure you can live with the red color.


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