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Clarkson, Hammond, And May Continue To Piss Off Their New Bosses In The Funniest Way Possible

Our favorite automotive TV presenters are back again in another teaser trailer for the new Amazon show. We brought you their last one when they couldn’t think of a name for their show, and it was hilarious.


Well they’re at it again and they’ve got together to continue to brainstorm. This time, Amazon seems to have sent them an email that they aren’t too happy there’s still not a name yet. What transpires is pretty funny and pretty much sums up the internet into one concise video. This is great!

HA! I mean who hasn’t done that? We’re all pretty distracted and it seems, though I’m sure it’s staged, that C, H, & M are no different.

I wonder what kind of Ray Bans Clarkson was looking at?

(Source: Bookface)


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